Amethyst Merkaba Star


The Merkaba represents pure divine energy, constantly spinning, harmonizing, balancing, flowing, moving, and expanding in all four directions at all times supporting you where you want to go.

It is said we can travel via a Merkaba into any spiritual dimension as it is infinitely circulating the flow of energy from the divine trinity with all elements, in all directions, and all at the same time. It harmonizes male and female energy, so understanding how to work with it can literally allow you to manifest all desires.

Offered here is a pristine Amethyst Merkaba star which is approx 1" in size and has great metaphysical properties.


* Amethyst is one of the master crystals when it comes to spirituality.

* It is a very powerful and protective stone.

* Being a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress, balances mood swings & dispels anger.

* Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.


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