Olive Gyrolites with Okenite Specimen



This specimen reminds me of the pre Y2K era, when we used to find a lot of Gyrolite specimens, however after the closing down of the famous Mumbai mines that produced this unique mineral, we can now classify them under rarity.

So when we found this specimen from our old collection, I was naturally excited to present it before you all. This is a classic specimen, which has a combination of very attractive bunch of Olive green Gyrolite ball crystals along with snow white puffy cotton ball like Okenite crystals.

Must have for your collection!


Length 3 Inches
2.75 Inches
Weight 210 gms
Locality Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



 * It resonates at the third eye and Crown chakras.

* This makes it an excellent stone to use for meditating with, as it  may assist you to connect with spirit beings related to ancient civilizations.

* It is said to have been used in ancient India, as it was thought to bring greater understanding and sharpness of intellect, and may help to improve the will-power.

* It is purported to have been a stone utilized by Buddha, and was said to aid the flow of enlightened thinking and to boost intellectual prowess.

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