Unfolding here is the proud story of PARAG JHAVERI, the founder of NATIONAL MINERALS.

Amazingly this journey started in the year of 1984, when I was just 14 years old and got the opportunity to visit the mines along with my Dad. That journey changed the course of my life forever and got me hooked on to a business which became my passion. 

Since the mines were located close to my house, we made it an every Sunday affair to visit them, where we had the chance to buy the minerals directly from the miners and the whole process was very intriguing and spell binding for me.

Instantly it became my passion and hobby and as they say if your work is your passion then nobody can stop you.

The Rockaholism kept on growing leaps and bounds over the years and immediately after I finished college NATIONAL MINERALS was born.

My enthusiasm and zeal for the business started taking me to major shows around the world and today after successfully completing more than 30 years, We are proud that we have become industry leaders and a name to recon for PREMIUM QUALITY Gemstone, Lapidary & Meta-physical products starting from Jewelry to Minerals and everything in between.

I am a strong believer in the theory of Karma and have always believed that you get served what you deserve, hence ethical business practices is the core of our business policy for which we strive very hard and if you would have ever done business with us, then surely you would have noticed that. Be good to others and God will always be with you. 

With the starting of this online business venture, its finally the time to present before you my son Yash Jhaveri who will be taking the legacy forward as he will be helming this online business.

Our core belief and aim has always been that there is a big difference between a “satisfied” customer and a “loyal” customer and WE NEVER SETTLE FOR “SATISFIED”.