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A clear quartz angel pendulum is a type of divination tool that is similar to the amethyst angel pendulum, but instead of being made of amethyst, it is made of clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz is a powerful crystal with high vibration that is often used for healing, amplifying energy, and spiritual growth.

The clear quartz angel pendulum features a weight in the shape of an angel that is made from a clear quartz crystal. It is typically attached to a chain or cord that is held between the thumb and forefinger, and the pendulum's movement is used to answer yes or no questions or to gain insight into spiritual matters.

Clear quartz is believed to be a highly programmable crystal, which means that it can be charged with intention and used to amplify energy or manifest desires. The angel shape of the pendulum adds a symbolic element of guidance and protection to its use.

Overall, a clear quartz angel pendulum can be a powerful tool for those interested in divination and energy work, as it combines the powerful healing properties of clear quartz with the guidance and protection of an angel. It's important to cleanse and charge the pendulum regularly to ensure that it continues to function properly.

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