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The Tiger Eye Ball Pendulum is a divination tool that can assist in gaining insight and guidance from the universe. The pendulum features a small sphere made of beautiful Tiger Eye stone, which is known for its golden brown color and chatoyancy, a shimmering effect caused by the reflection of light on its surface. The Tiger Eye stone is believed to have powerful protective and grounding properties, and is said to help balance the energy of the body and mind.

To use the Tiger Eye Ball Pendulum, the user holds the chain with their fingertips and allows the ball to swing freely. The pendulum can be asked yes or no questions, and the direction of the swing can indicate the answer. A back and forth swing may indicate a "yes" answer, while a circular or side-to-side swing may indicate a "no" answer.

Tiger Eye Ball Pendulums can be a valuable tool for anyone seeking guidance on important decisions or questions. They are especially useful for those who need assistance with grounding and centering, as the Tiger Eye stone can help to balance the energy of the body and mind. It is important to approach pendulum use with an open mind and a willingness to accept the guidance received.

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