Carnelian Tree on Mineral Base



Trees are the symbol of growth, stability, and long life. The significance of the gemstone tree is that we attract and achieve what we focus on, like a tree that grows and blossoms with time when nurtured correctly.

These Gemstone trees are decorative miniature trees that are made of natural uncut gemstones held in wired trunk and branches spreading beautifully with the appearance of a blooming tree.

It is considered that gemstone trees possess an energy that flows freely in abundance and does attract positive energy to it.

These beautiful gemstone trees consisting of healing and cleansing energy of gemstones make elegant and colorful home decor suitable to be placed as a decorative item in your home or workplace.

The Gemstone Tree featured here is made of Carnelian chips on Amethyst base, which is renowned for its immense metaphysical properties. 

So go ahead and order these wonderful trees now.


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