Crown Pendulum - Amethyst



An amethyst crown pendulum is a type of divination tool that is similar to other pendulums, but its weight is in the shape of a crown and made of amethyst crystal. Amethyst is a popular crystal known for its spiritual properties, which include promoting calmness and clarity of mind, enhancing intuition, and aiding in spiritual development.

The amethyst crown pendulum is typically attached to a chain or cord and held between the thumb and forefinger to ask yes or no questions or to gain insight into spiritual matters. The crown shape adds a symbolic element of royalty, authority, and spiritual connection to the pendulum's use.

Like other amethyst pendulums, the amethyst crown pendulum needs to be cleansed and charged regularly to ensure that it remains energetically pure and effective. It is believed that keeping the pendulum in a bag or box made of natural materials like silk, cotton, or leather can help to protect it and keep its energy clear.

Overall, the amethyst crown pendulum can be a powerful tool for those interested in divination and spiritual work. Its unique shape and powerful amethyst properties make it a popular choice for those seeking guidance and spiritual connection.

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