Crystal Yoni with 4 Face Shiva Head Lingam and Cow Face



The Yoni is a metaphor for nature's gateway of all births, particularly in the traditions of Hinduism, as well as the esoteric Kaula and Tantra sects.

The yoni has served as a divine symbol from ancient times and is considered to be an abstract representation of Shakti and Devi the creative force that moves through the entire universe, whereas the lingam is a votary aniconic object found in the sanctum of Shiva temples and private shrines that symbolizes Lord Shiva and is "revered as an emblem of generative power".

Yoni together with the lingam is a symbol for Prakriti  its cyclic creation and dissolution

In the Temples, Shiva Abhishekam is usually performed to a Lingam representing his manifestation as a creator of good (by destroying evil). In many temples, there is a vessel hung over the Lingam called thaara paathra, that continuously drips water or other offerings onto the Lingam in deference to Shiva's desire for Abhisheka.

Hence this classic Himalayan Quartz crystal carving of Yoni with lingam having 4 shiva faces along with a water flow channel that flows through the cow's mouth has got a lot of spiritual value amongst Lord Shiva followers.



* Connects one to angels and other divine beings.

* Cleanses negative emotions.

* Highly energetic Crown chakra stone.

* Stimulates at a cellular level.



Width 3.25 Inches
Height 3" Inches
Weight 1 PC  (621 GMS)
Locality Himachal Pradesh, India

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