Multi Colour Worry Stones


Worry stones, also known as palm stones or thumb stones, are small, smooth, and polished stones that people use for relaxation and stress relief. These stones are typically about the size of a thumb and have an indentation or groove in the center, making them easy to hold between your thumb and fingers.

The concept behind worry stones is rooted in the ancient practice of using stones for healing and calming purposes. The act of rubbing or holding the stone is believed to have a soothing effect on the mind and body, promoting a sense of calm and reducing anxiety. The repetitive motion of rubbing the stone with one's thumb can be comforting and grounding, providing a tangible object of focus during moments of stress or worry.

People often carry worry stones in their pockets or keep them on their desks to use whenever they feel anxious or overwhelmed. The stones can vary in material, with popular options including amethyst, quartz, jasper, and various other gemstones or minerals, each believed to possess unique energetic properties.

Worry stones are not a substitute for professional help when dealing with severe anxiety or mental health issues, but they can be a helpful tool for managing everyday stress and promoting relaxation. As with any self-care practice, the effectiveness of worry stones varies from person to person, and some may find them more beneficial than others.

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